Best Screwdriver Set in 2019: a Fresh Buyer’s Guide


The question how to choose a worthy screwdriver set fitting your DIY project is at the same time both simple and complicated. And we’ve researched and reviewed best screwdrivers to ensure you have the most basic and frequently used tool on hand for quick repairs. This article has been made for all weekend warriors, Do-It-Yourselfers, hobbyists, and craftsmen.

As it is said, what right is right. Despite all up-to-date technologies and automation perks, a true man/husband has to be capable of making some home improvement. A lot of activities, including furniture, minor repairs on household appliances, and tightening bicycle attachments, requires having the best screwdriver set in hand. 

A screwdriver is a manual or powered tool for inserting and removing screws that usually consists of a handle and a shaft, ending in a tip. A screwdriver set is a number of screws of different types and sizes. Such a perfect kit, at the very least, will offer reliability, versatility, durability, and an excellent value for the money. However, for every particular user and his needs, there will be a certain perfect screwdriver kit. Let us consider the various types of product in order to find out what will be a perfect match just for you.

Different Types of Screwdriver Sets

So, the types of screwdriver set, as a thing, are imperative for choosing a right option to buy. It needs to be clarified, so you could answer a question: what is the best screwdriver set? Basically, a screwdriver set can contain 2 and more units, which can be of the same tip shape but different sizes or both different tip shapes and different sizes. 

One way or another, manufacturers are increasingly using uncommon screws in their products, so you will need a new screwdriver set over time, even if you’ve got one. For instance, the most widely used types of screwdriver heads are slotted, cross, Phillips, allen, torx, external hex, hex socket, and pentagon. But there are also such forms as tri-wing, star, bristol, combination phillips-slotted, clutch, lobed, and more. The form of the tip provides different uses and different types of screwdriver sets, accordingly. 

We will briefly highlight these types. The set for general use mostly regards personal use for home improvement and small repair. Since it is for common use, it usually includes the most basic kinds of heads and, sometimes, heads adaptable to various screw types.

The precision screwdriver set is designed to perform the stringent work like dealing with small parts and delicate materials. Someone may need it for assembling electronic devices, watches, and jewelry, nevertheless, you may also use it for your home electronics or small decorations if you are skilled enough.

The professional construction set comprises the best screwdrivers featuring the industry-grade material and engineering. This type of screwdriver sets is more costly and used for a job of constructor workers.

You can also consider the possibility of choosing between a set of complete drivers and a set of a single handle supplemented by interchangeable tips for different applications. The last one takes less storage space and usually is more multifunctional. And yet, this is a matter of taste.

Best Screwdriver Brands

Talking about the best screwdriver brand, we would not be able to be quite clear. It depends, as always. Should it be the brand with the widest product line, the oldest one, or the priciest? 

The brands with the widest range of products available on the market of screwdriver sets nowadays are Wiha, SZYT, Wera, Apex Tool Group, Kocome, Bondhus, Whitelotous, Wiha Tools, LB1 High Performance, Duratool, Generic, Sterling, Stanley, and WorkPro, 

The brands that offer premium-class products are Snap-On, Klein Tools, Wiha Tools, just to name a few.

Most popular price range varies between $50 and $100, but there are also plenty of sets under $25. For the lovers of premium quality products providing the best value for money, there is a wide range of superior units that cost $200 and above. 

Therefore, let us focus on a combination of a good price, high rating among consumers, excellent quality, trustworthy brand, and affordability.

Top 5 Screwdriver Sets in 2019

29-Piece Screwdriving Set by DeWalt

This set with the best price-quality rate and a great popularity among users is exactly what it is, the best screwdriver set. It includes 29 pieces of slotted, Phillips, Torx and square recess bits, also nut drivers in different sizes, which should be enough for most jobs. Besides, you a free to use these bits in work with any standard drill. Each driver is made of the durable, shock-resistant steel material, while the bits have been specially heat-treated for extra firm core, thus, you get the reduced breakage risks and a guaranteed long-term use. This purchase comes with a compact drive guide for beginners and a tough storage case. Hence, you will be able to organize your tools well, protect them from damaging and loss, and carry your set wherever you need due to its great portability. Overall, this product is an unbeaten leader regarding the number of positive user reviews and the overwhelming majority of shoppers call this unit a great buy well worth the money, usable, quite versatile and durable. 

135-Piece Electronic Repair Kit and Security Bit Set by TEKTON

This unit is the most versatile among popular and comes at an affordable price, showing in practice what is the best screwdriver set. This is a complete collection of bits fitting nearly any fastening challenge: 27 precision bits for repairing mobile devices and 108 screwdriver bits (including the 74-piece repair kit and 34-piece security kit) of different types and sizes, and a unique ratcheting screwdriver. The ratcheting screwdriver has a comfortable, non-slip rubber grip, a quick-change magnetic bit holder and also it enables three basic drive positions: forward, fixed, and reverse. The full range of forms and sizes of security bits available will surely fit most of the specialized tamper-resistant security fasteners, so you will be ready. The precision bits kit, including rare pentalobe bits for iPhone and MacBook, is a perfect match for lovers to repair mobile phones, tablets, laptops, game systems, eyeglasses, and wristwatches. Therefore, by buying this screwdriver set, you will receive bits for any DIY project, a wide range of security drive types, and a precision tool kit for repairing small electronics and fragile items.

58-in-1 Precision Screwdriver Magnetic Driver Kit with 54 Bits by Nivahome

Among the best screwdrivers, this one stands out as a popular and middle-price product perfect for repairing small electronics. The set features a non-slip, comfortable grip handles with a perfect width-wise proportion to work with, and so it can become your favorite go-to tools kit. The other component parts of this set are an extension shaft, 54 strong magnetic bits with different sizes, and an adapter. The bits are easy to grip and withstand a good torque, they seem to be durable. Bits do not come out of the rubbers holders spontaneously; moreover, each bit is marked/ numbered for your convenience, so you will not get confused. The flexible extension shaft is really handy for almost all small electronic repairs, with a small concern about an iPhone repair, but for the majority of users, this might not be an issue. The sturdy and tightly-closing housing adapter enables usage of entire sets and easy switch between various bits. Along with screwdriver, multiple bits, nut drivers, and extension shaft, this set in a plastic storage and organizing case will be always on hand to fit almost any issue that can be imagined.

8-Piece Professional Slotted and Phillips Screwdriver Set by JTJ Tools

This is very best screwdriver set as it is handy, affordable, and has all basic and frequently used functions. The set contains 3 slotted screwdrivers, 4 Phillips screwdrivers, and one test pen. The last one is an electromagnetic probe tool useful for any metal worker, craftsman, or handyman.  Every screwdriver has a sturdy arbor, forged with chrome-vanadium steel, supplemented by the advanced plating process for an enhanced corrosion resistance. The high-quality magnetic tips are hardened to provide a perfect fit and a non-slip grip of screws after you have finished unraveling. The handles are ergonomically designed, made from a durable PP+TPR material with non-slippery texture, so they will provide both comfortable feeling for your hands, micro-fine grip, and optimal force-transmission. The packaging is strong enough to serve as a storage case, therefore, this unit completely satisfies a wide range of common customer needs.

8-Piece Slotted and Phillips Screwdriver Set in Rugged Canvas Pouch by Wiha

This unit, produced by the best screwdriver brand, is comparatively more pricey and yet very popular unit, known among both hobbyists and technicians for its exact fit and precision machining. These high-performance tools are made of exclusive CRM-72 high-alloy chrome-vanadium-molybdenum steel with a hard chrome finished blades. Tapered handles are designed to provide the optimum torque, with their good proportion to blade size, permanent bond to a blade, and precise molding made of high-quality, cadmium-free plastic. You will enjoy the rapid rotation, precise turning, and quick job thanks to the tapered form of drivers and the rotating precision control cap that allows controlling the tool with your fingertips. The tips are hard chromed, so they offer you an exact fit and non-slip surface for a good adhesion. In a secure, rugged canvas pouch, you will find Phillips 000, 00, 0 and 1 and slotted 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 screwdrivers, all backed by the manufacturers quality guarantee.


5 Other Best Screwdriver Sets

Professional Repair Tool Kit with 60 in 1 with 54 Bits and Flexible Shaft by ORIA

  • This precision screwdriver kit of best screwdrivers is super affordable and versatile perfect for servicing iPhones, game consoles, tablets, laptops, etc.
  • The unit features perfect weight and compact design. This 4-mm driver is produced from a single piece of aluminum, fitted with the Silica gel cover for non-slip rubber grip, a magnetic socket, and a ball-bearing mounted swivel for good portability, durability, ease of use, and easy carry.
  • Additional flexible shaft extension is included, which enables you to snake into hard to reach places, such as large electronics and other appliances, where the screws are not on the surface.
  • Versatility is provided by a connector for standard 1/4″ drivers and the possibility to use 60-mm shaft extension as a T-handle for effortless extra torque. 
  • Chrome-vanadium steel made bits of 56 different kinds, including flathead, JIS, hex, Phillips, square, pentalobe, torx, torx security, nut driver in various sizes, mainboard, triangle, and U2.6 to meet all your needs.


Electrical Insulated Screwdriver Set with Philips and Cabinet Tips by Klein Tools 

  • This set is made by a brand, well-known from 1857, which has the exceptional reputation among craftsmen, and yet it is a bit pricier in comparison to other brands. That is why this set can be the best screwdriver brand for professionals.
  • There are two pieces in this set: a 1/4” cabinet tip and a #2 Phillips tip made in the USA.
  • The steel handle has a comfortable cushion grip, covered from the inside with a high-dielectric inner layer on a durable, molded insulation, and featuring a flame- and impact-resistant coating from the outside.
  • These units reduce risk with electrical work for up to 1000 volts and, thus, stand up to the demands of the professionals.

Screwdriver 6-Piece Set, Phillips and Slotted, Craftsman Toolkit by Kutir

  • This set is a great combination of most popular form – three slotted and three Phillips screwdrivers in different sizes. This selection explains what is the best screwdriver set able to satisfy a wide range of fastening needs.
  • The unmatched quality is created due to high-grade component parts: S2 alloyed steel-made rod part with rust-resistant nickel-plated bar, especially heat treated for extreme hardness and durability.
  • Hardened high-quality magnetic tips facilitate holding screws. Wide, ergonomically-designed handles made of PP+TPR material provide the reliable, slip-resistant, comfortable grip even while oily and wet work. Such construction guarantees the optimal force-transmission and maximum torque making this set a perfect choice for any wood and metal worker, handyman, and craftsman.
  • These heavy-duty screwdrivers come in a great packaging, which can be used as a convenient storage case, neat and compact.


Standard Allen Hex Kit with Spinner & Ratchet by Chapman

  • This affordable set in a compact and durable pocket case can be surely named a good screwdriver set. The tools are machined from USA materials in the USA and manually assembled and inspected.
  • You will enjoy its great versatility as this set covers an amazing range of hex sizes and different possible applications and it is optimal for working on anything with standard allen hex screws.
  • The set of screwdrivers includes a perfect for delicate work spinner, an unbeatable in tight spaces midget ratchet, and 11 SAE allen hex bits, all 1/4″ drive and totally interchangeable.
  • All bits are additionally heat hardened, covered with a black oxide rust inhibitor finish, furnished with a ball detent that holds a bit in place, and have “ear” stops to reduce the risk of breaking. 

8-Piece Cushion Grip Screwdriver Set by STANLEY

  • This screwdriver set is very best for grip and ease of use and is produced by the best screwdriver brand, which is famous for its quality for over 170 years.
  • The set includes 4 standard slotted screwdrivers and 4 Phillips screwdrivers of different sizes.
  • The tips are magnetic for better fit and ease of use, but also they are hard, simulated diamond for reliability and long wear.
  • You will love the excellent comfort and control provided by the soft-grip handles featuring ergonomic design.
  • The chrome plated bars are rust-resistant, so they will last long, as well as the rest of this set, made in the USA with best materials from all over the world. This is why this manufacturer is well respected in the industry for their durability, affordability, and ease of use for many years.


Buying Guide

So, in general, what is the best screwdriver set? First of all, it is one with a good case or bag, because a messy toolbox is unsafe and wastes too much time. No one wants to have a grimy, disorganized box for tools storage. So look for a well-structured screwdriver set case which will make your work a whole lot easier.

You also need to think out the purpose of use you’ll most likely have. We’ve highlighted top 10 screwdriver sets available and popular on the market, however, the ultimate decision depends on the purpose you’ll define. Whether it is a kit for a home use, a kit for professional activity, or a set for precise work, you will need a relevant kind of set: for general use, for construction work, for the precise type of repair work, with different types of screwdrivers and their numbers, accordingly. So, you should take into account your personal usage when choosing your perfect screwdriver set.

Another important factor, which you have to consider when buying your screwdriver set are the materials used. Notice also the attention to details and the level of innovation. Point the ability of the set to perform multiple functions without excessive efforts on your part.

Sometimes, the key element in decision making is a budget, but we would not recommend you to take the cheapest screwdriver set, as you don’t want to pay twice, do you? We all have limited means and yet it is better to select a worthy set that will serve you for years to come.  

In such a way, the influencing factors for us are accordance with your purposes. quality and reliability, convenience and safety. 



As we know, some projects are more complex than others and, over time, you may require a variety of new tools to be used. We hope we’ve helped you to point out the best screwdriver sets, so you will be able to make your perfect toolbox by adding a new worthwhile kit of screwdrivers. You will successfully deal with various repairing issues then.

A high-quality screwdriver set can be the perfect anniversary or birthday gift. Men of all ages including husbands, dads, and brothers will love to get such a present. Given the variety of choices, it is not very difficult to choose one that is the best for your budget as well. So, go ahead, and please you or a male from your circle of friends and family with such a useful thing is a household.


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