Best Auto Darkening Welding Helmets


Welding equipment has always given me the feeling that it’s an Armour Guard for us Mechanical professionals. Specialized applications require specialized tools and modulations, you can’t always try to figure out a fix up in the middle of a situation. If there’s one thing that has been observed about the welding helmets in the trade, its that the sophistication in the trade demands not only trained hands but also an adaptable helmet. Things as minute in detail as ergonomics of the Welding Helmet, or reaction time for Auto Darkening Helmet, we very well know; can mess up the whole experience both professionally and ethically. Not every Hand on Deck has the same approach, some use a low arc, some of them need to mount-unmount very frequently, but the Welding helmet falls short of matching the expertise of the professional. Thus it’s always better to know if your armour has that extra edge or not. Not unless you have an experience of using various Welding Helmets, you’ll know which brand should you follow for enabling yourself to do what’s required.

Well that’s the reason we’ve tested them all and after careful consultation with experienced professionals in the industry we bring you the top 5 solutions for Welding Helmets.

Jackson Safety W70 BH3

This one solves the prime motive: Optics. Optical compliance, ANSI conformance DIN Plus there isn’t a shred of doubt that can be placed on the technical part for Jackson Safety. The ergonomics of the Helmet works perfectly fine, with 3 different ranges of Head Gear Clamps. Now a small team can share the equipment and no need for an extra set of helmet. Now this one comes with something that would blow others out of the water: Aerodynamic Fume Protection. This enables the helmet to conveniently keep the fumes and vapour to even enter the helmet coverage, let alone hinder your view. Lightweight, easy to use and extremely functional, there’s nothing more that you could ask from a Welding Helmet and besides this one’s for those who want features of five devices for the price of one.

3M Speedglas Welding Helmet 9100XX

This is the tool meant for those who like a Jarvis (Iron Man AI) kind of feeling to their tools. 3M Speedglas offers the features that no other Auto Darkening Welding Helmet or for that matter any Passive Helmet offers. It has got a Grinding Mode as well which means it can be used to save the time when you’re trimming those irregular weld joints without taking the load of dismounting the helmet. With Speedglas you don’t need to turn on the helmet, it’s always ready to darken the millisecond it finds a plasma or arc around; and it turns off automatically after the job’s done. For the Jarvis part, it has got memory modes where you can save to your convenience the cycles delays of Dark to Light and Light to Dark based upon the kind of job that you’re doing. 3M left no stone unturned to make this the most technical Welding Headgear of all times.

Optrel E680 Welding Helmet: Honeywell Safety Solutions

You can’t find a lighter Welding helmet than this one, just 450g and still loaded with good decent load of features. The bifurcated range of Shade levels for darkening from 5-9 and 9-13 provides the user with leverage to easily switch between flames. Optrel comes with a Grinding Mode as well, and it has got fixed delays; but this one’s got the least delay time; courtesy the Honeywell’s expertise with sensory equipments. For all the power concerns that every Welding Helmet suffers because of being Solar powered, this one takes the blues away for such issues. Optrel is powered by Batteries with a life cycle of 2500 hours atleast. Easy to fit, durable in usage and promising in technology, Honeywell Optrel E680 has the highest value in the group of all Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Brands.

Lincoln Electric 3350 Series Welding Helmet

It was a random search about specialized Welding Helmets for different varieties of Welding Techniques, and Lincoln came up with the solution for best in class TIG Welding suitor. Lincoln Welding Helmet 3350 Series has susceptibility to TIG Amp ratings of below 1.5 Amp as well which makes it better than the most in competition. The grind mode shade 3.5 compatibility makes this one stand out in terms of Grinding feature provided by its other counterparts. Once and for all, there are a very few selected variants that provide Grinding mode with 4C Lens technology and when a welding headgear provides this mode at a shade higher than 2 it sure has got to mean something. For extreme precision jobs that require the most experienced hands and tools which can be taken to limits Lincoln 3350 Series is the one to be chosen.

Hobart Impact Auto-Dark Welding Helmet

Hobart goes with three not two sensors for the Lens Auto Darkening; only Optrel and 3M Speedglas have more sensors than Hobart Impact; but these are the only brands that even go beyond the common range of 2 sensors; rest of them do not even bother. This Welding Helmet is for those applications which require not that sophisticated distinction in shades but is indeed a tool of regular and sturdy use. This is the reason why Hobart itself describes this one as the tool for Serious fabricators at DIY Pricing. This Welding Helmet Brand does not aims at being the best in terms of Diversity and Features but it aims at being the friend of welding professional in all rough and tough circumstances. It’s little heavy as well due to the cushioning head comfort adjust, has good adjustability for Low LIght Sensitivity. This is a cost effective supplement to all those passive Welding Helmets that people use but don’t observe that for almost the same value of their best Passive Helmet they can have a Auto Darkening one. In any case despite this one being a low cost solution one should never doubt its credibility, otherwise we wouldn’t have picked it in our team of Best Auto Darkening Welding Helmets of 2017-18.


In terms of Welding Helmets it always comes down to who provides more, the additional features, the technical sophistication and the trust value. Never shy away from considering the Product warranty. Try to buy online only, authenticity and availability of these helmets has been a concern for many users; apart from that it’s easy to find the better models online deliverable to your place than the local Walmart or Home Depot. Check for features and comparison with official website and most of all consider all options in terms of value for money, Auto Darkening Helmets always have too much and too less features but their prices have to be considered very carefully. Go on then, good luck with your job; keep reading for more reviews of Welding equipments.


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