Top 5 Best Work Gloves


Nothing can keep you from a hard day of work like a weak pair of gloves. If you’re trying to find the best pair of work gloves you need to remember that gloves are next to worthless if it can’t guard against the three c’s: the cold, cuts, cramps, also known as comfort. Keeping these criteria in mind, we know there are plenty of options out there, from latex to heavy-duty. So we’ve created a best of the best list for you so that tired hands are never a problem for you again.

Whether you’re picking up wood, yanking out weeds, or simply typing at the office computer, our list of the best work gloves will surely have a great pair just for you.

CLC Custom Leathercraft 125L Handyman Flex

The 125L glove from CLC is the all around, top of the notch option for the best glove that will keep you working.

This pair is 50% leather, it has built in coldness insulation, and, because of the Polyester synthetic material, is shrink resistant, so your hand won’t tighten up if your gloves get a little wet. The gloves spandex will also give your gloving a surprising stretch. If you find the picture on Amazon you’ll notice these rugged stitch patterns that mimic the lines of a real hand, these stitches are meant to keep the glove from getting stuck on wood, metal, or other sharp edges.

This glove barely beat out the other general glove on our radar the Ironclad general utility glove because of its superior fit and grip.

Dex Fit Fleece Winter Work Gloves NR450

The CLC pair has all the bells and whistles needed for a job at a factory. Meanwhile, if grip and texture is less of a concern for you and all you really need from your gloves is for them to keep you warm, then Dex Fit’s winter work gloves are the best options for you.

The wrists are elastics, keeping them snug around your hands, and these pairs are designed to take you out shoveling snow for your neighbor, or speeding down the ski slopes for yourself. They also recommend these gloves for bicycling, photographers, and walkers. Essentially, if you live in any place that gets below freezing, you’ll be able to find some use for these pair of work gloves.

While several gloves on this list can keep your hand warm, these Dex Fit gloves receive a top spot because they are both high-quality and they come at a bargain, sending you 3 pairs at the cost of only twenty bucks.

Dowellife Cut Resistant Gloves

If working for you means cooking in the kitchen, look no further than Dowellife’s cut resistant glove series. Those who are buying Dowellife’s gloves know exactly what they’re getting, a safe, reliable pair that can help chop through fruits and vegetables like no one’s business. Don’t be overwhelmed though, these gloves aren’t just for professional chefs, if you’re someone who’s just starting out in cooking up some new exotic recipes, or if your job involves cutting woods or other material, these gloves are still the best option for you and your work. They come with a level 5 grade protection level. In short, this means that they are 10 times more protective than your ordinary grocery store gloves.

OZERO Leather Work Gloves

What makes Ozero’s gloves unique is that they are made by real, authentic cowhide. What are the benefits of cowhide? Well, cowhide leather is some of the best material in the world for resisting cut and punctures. It’s the cowhide that can keep these gloves think and durable while soft and flexible at the same time. The cowhide is also sweat-absorbant and breathable.

These gloves are typically advertised as wood cutting gloves, but they are exceptional for engineering jobs, motorcycle rides, or carpeting work. If you’re particular concerned about getting particles such as dust or water inside your gloves, we recommend buying the adjustable wrist as it will close tighter than the elastic model. Made in the USA.

Rose Gardening Gloves by Euphoria

Have you ever reached down to brush off what appeared to simply be some leaves off your shoe, only to pricked by a thorny vine? If so, then you should experience the euphoria of the Rose Gardening Gloves made by Euphoria. These gloves are for the garden lovers in your life. Similar to our fourth best glove choice, these pairs are also made from cowhide that extends from the fingers up towards the wrists, protecting your hands and forearms in full. So if your dream is to become the best blackberry farmer in a generation, or if you’re just into plant sunflowers outside your front porch, you need these pair of gloves.


The best kind of work glove for you is the kind that fits you tight and is best optimized for you to excel at your specific job. For an everyday usage type glove, you can’t go wrong with CLC 125L’s. If you’re on the job hunt in a cold city or town, the Dex Fit Winter Work Gloves are top of the line. If cutting up carrots and squash is part of your life’s passions or hobbies, Dowellife has got your back and your hands.

No matter which gloves you choose, we hope that you always wear them when you need to, and that you are safe and wise in your work practices. Because the world needs steady workers like you to keep on turning.


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