Top 5 Best Table Saw For Your Money


Have you ever wondered how easy it would be if you had the perfect table saw? Or have you bought a table which you thought was perfect which, in fact, became a big headache? Or are you thinking of buying a new table saw hoping to try your hands in carpentry? Whatever the reason maybe when you buy something you should be careful of your choices. It never hurts to take a second opinion, does it? But it actually matters when you buy something and it becomes a nuisance.

Buying table saw will be a headache if the key features of that particular table saw and your requirement doesn’t match. Yes, I know what you are thinking. Choosing table saw is a complicated topic. But here we are, to make it an easy one.

1.DEWALT DWE7491RS 10-Inch Jobsite Table Saw with 32-1/2-Inch Rip Capacity and Rolling Stand

The DEWALT DWE7491RS 10-inch Jobsite Table Saw manufactured by Dewalt(of course DeWalt!) with 32-1/2 inch (82.5cm) Rip Capacity and a Rolling Stand has an efficient rack & pinion fence system which makes fence adjustments fast, smooth and accurate. The 32-1/2 inch rip capacity easily cuts a variety of larger shelving and trim materials, making even the narrow rip cuts easy. This unit has a 15 amp motor quickly rips through hardwoods.

This table saw offers 3-1/8 inch depth cut at 90 degrees and 2-1/4 inch at 45 degrees. It has a 2-inch dust collection port that easily connects to a vacuum for efficient dust extraction which keeps cleaning up(hooray!) at a minimum.

2.SawStop ICS31230-52 3HP 230V 60Hz Cabinet Saw with 52-Inch Industrial T-Glide Fence System

Precision and heavy-duty construction if that’s what you want, this is your product. Sure lockdown with reflection is a plus. Sawstop safety system actually stops when it comes to contact with the skin which many of you will find interesting. The Industrial T-Glide Fence System has the highest quality thick gauge steel. It also features in smooth operation and precision measurement. As an added safety feature, SawStop’s Industrial Cabinet saw has a powerful lock-out tag-out switch that cuts power to the saw.Plus using this product is pretty simple.With its power, it can cut pretty much everything. It reduces the risk of accidents due to its construction.

3.Powermatic PM1000 1791001K Table Saw 50-Inch Fence

One of the best features of the powermatic cabinet is that it requires only 115v power.Tool-less guard assembly with independent side leaves is simply another feature that maximizes safety.The sturdy miter gauge having 60 degrees to either side, allows easy adjustment for a full range of cuts.Its high powered motor reduces vibrations and maximises efficiency.It is also precise and perfect for the cuts.The fact that it has a very good dust collection is another feature that deserves attention.This table saw also gives you enough space to work with.The best part? It causes very little noise.

4.SawStop Jobsite Saw with Mobile Cart and Table Saw Brake Cartridge for 10-Inch Blades

26-1/4″ L x 28-3/4″ W x 45″ H.Motor Continuous HP 1.5 HP makes this table saw very impressive.And it keeps on getting better.It has an innovative ErgoLock which locks firm.This product it seems can cut through almost guessed it!10 inch blade.The saw table is actually on a fixed height but has levelling screws on the carts.It also provides One Turn Elevation which simply means that the blade will raise and lower in just one turn on the handwheel.When it comes to carpentry its has to be accurate isn’t it?And this product actually provides it.tada!

5.Delta 3 HP Motor 10 in. UNISAW with 52 in. BIESEMEYER Fence System

Delta 3 Hp motor features dual front cranks combined with the largest blade which changes easier than ever with a single push-button arbor lock.The front cranks help with easy adjustments.The power button is multidirectional and can be pressed from any directions.Cool, right?Anyway, it’s improved table top geometry gives a better stability for cutting.And just a personal opinion it has a masculine touch too.It also has a five-year warranty.The low vibrations, high accuracy together with the safety features keep it within the standard.The Biesemeyer fence system gives hairline pointer and built-in tape, which allows you to make precision set-ups, cut after cut.


Making mistakes is okay. But making mistakes when you have lots of money invested in it?Not okay,right?.And the only way to make sure that you are not making a blunder is to actually know about it.So find out your requirements and make sure the table saw you are going to buy actually covers your requirements and then(only then!)go for it.


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