Top 5 Best Power Drills For You


An Adhesive Gun, Dual Sided Tape, Scissors, Wooden Planks and Cardboard personally we’ve started to fall more for the DIY charm rather than the tried and tested Clubbing, Golfing or even cozying up in the quilt for the weekends. But to find yourself at the loss of an appropriate tool in your creative quest after taking a look at all of those Facebook Videos of Life Hacks and DIY Tricks is equally infuriating like not being able to find a charger when the phone’s running out of Juice. Drill Machines, especially the Power Drills bought for Household or even profesional use have to be chosen carefully because they don’t come cheap and no one tends to buy a pair of those in case we need a specialized application for Gypsum Wall drilling and Brick Chizzling. So here we are with some of the most functional options available for Power Drills based on their application and utility.

Product Descriptions over Online Stores has a problem of either having too much incomprehensible detail or too less description which almost always makes us wonder why are we buying it from internet at all. Besides the variety of reviews for a single product throughout the complete span of World Wide Web offers little help in coming to conclusion while making the decision. Based on all the problems that we found while tracking down our picks for the segment of Power Drill Sets, here are the best ones that we found.

Black and Decker DR 560 Power Drill

This is a Percussion Hammer Drill, most suited for any Household purpose within the power limits of 550W. The best part about Black and Decker is the Precision Scale that helps in maintaining the Directional conformation for a straight drill rather than those titled versions of poor masonry that we practice at home while trying to puth those nails in for the Wall Stands. The drill also comes with the provision of spindle lock for easy bit change. With Black & Decker one can rest assured about the variable piston force and screwdriving which offers comfort and precision at the same time on job.

Skil 6455-04 JP Impact Driver

For people who have a habit of changing the landscape of their household on a regular basis; or for people who have a knack for the robust Maintenance and Repair jobs at home this is the beast to own. With the 7 Amp Brushless MOtor that it has got and the Reverse Motion feature that it has, it becomes the most functional one in the league of tools in the current segment. It’s just that it requires more trained hands to operate and thus its place lies somewhere below Black and Decker. Side Assist handle and a Depth Meter for ready assistance on job are also good features to bank on while choosing a machine and Skil Tools knows is the Drill machine and Power tool brand that has got both of these.

Makita 6408 4.9-Amp Drill Driver

If the knitty gritty of the heavy duty applications is something not on your mind you might want to choose something that has a lesser RPM and a lesser wattage but does the job in an equally sturdy mood. Makita fills in this requirement perfectly fine by providing you with a reduced RPM of just 2600 and a lesser 300W Load so that you can go on and be careful (read safe) while working with the tool. Now you might find a lot of options in the market for this Power and RPM Range but you’d not want to go with any and all of them without knowing that their durability and competence when compared to Makita does not stands resolute. It all depends on the make of Chuck and the kind of Drill bits that go into the machine. You take care of the bits that you use and the rest is the authenticity of Makita’s Model.

Bosch GSB 13RE Pistol Grip

Quality and Technical Precision; if you’re an Engineer or have been in contact with one there’s nothing else that you might want to buy.There’s hardly ever an alternative to this Brand and there’s hardly ever any complaint about any Power Tool for this company. Serviceability, the premier most concern in most terms of most buyers, is perfectly managed by the umpteen users of this Power Tools Brand. Bosch GSB 13 RE comes with a powerful 650 W motor, with the best ergonomic design, the axial and radial lock side handle; best in class durability with Power Ribs- Clamp Shell Motor Housing which means there’s virtually nothing that bothers the motor from dust to heat. The twin sleeve keyless chuck makes it easier to replace drill bits and the extremely light weight of just 1.8 Kg makes it a handy tool for the household usage. This tool is the Picasso of Drill Machines in India.

Bosch 180 Li Professional

If in any case, you’re one of those people who like to carry their tools wherever possible and being limited by the tangle of wires doesn’t seems to be most creative way to manage your DIY Hobby or for that matter the regular nut job; you might as well go for the Cordless Drill Machine. And no credits for guessing Bosch is the most reliable solution in the cases of Cordless Power Drills as well. With its changeable Carbon Brushed which makes it a long lasting aid, specialized gearbox ( 2 speed planetary arrangement), compatible options of batteries this model turned out to be our personal favourite among all the other Cordless Tool Brands. Besides the additional features of a blinking LED indication to provide Battery status and the illumination of the Drill Direction by a small LED at the head of Drill Chuck makes it a very reliable and sophisticated tool of not only Repair and Maintenance but Leisure and Hobby as well.


It all depends upon the kind of usage that you’re looking to bring out from the the tool the you’re going for. There’s no need to remember the numbers like RPM or Voltage, just a basic idea of the kind of application areas where you might need to Drill Machine for in the near future, weather reverse function is required or not, whether you might need to drill steel or not. Apart from that Hammer Drills are to be used for Very Heavy Duty jobs while Pistol Grip are used for somewhat lesser intense applications, there’re are other variants which are merely drivers and simple drills which do not even have the piston function. Please check the Store locations while buying a Drill machine, authentic and precision drill bits are the best way to get the desired outcome. Let’s just say getting a Drill machine is like choosing your color palette for a painting, but it’s not as tedious as knowing how to mix those colors. We hope this information helped you and we wish you a very happy and safe new year.


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