Top 5 Best Electric Pressure Washers


Pressure washing is used to remove debris such as loose paint, mud, dust, grime, and dirt from many surfaces by using a high-pressure water spray. Pressure can be changed by using the adjuster valve on the spray nozzle. How dirty the area is will dictate how much pressure you need from the washer. Here we have checked out 5 of the best electric pressure washers and reviewed them for you.

1. Karcher K2000

This washer comes with 2000PSI pressure and has a convenient foot on/off switch. The nozzles are easy and quick to connect, and included is a turbo nozzle for maximum cleaning power. There is a maximum water temperature inlet of 70 degrees Fahrenheit and a dual detergent tank with a selector switch.

There is a large removable bin, so you can store all the accessories in one place, and tall people will appreciate the longer handle, which adjusts to two lengths.

You can literally set up the washer in under five minutes, with clear instructions, and no tools needed!

This rates as one of the best electric pressure washers on the market, and we think it is perfect for frequent home usage.

2. Stanley SLP2050

The beauty of this washer is that it comes with its own cart, so you can push it to the job or detach it and carry it as a stand-alone washer.

You will find that this washer has a very powerful cleaning force and is perfect for around pools, on cement, and decks. In fact, it is suitable for any cleaning around the house.

The connections are leakproof, making use of professional grade brass hose connectors with 22mm connections.

The hose is high-pressure although it is soft, and it can withstand more than 40 times the pressure of a regular garden hose.

You will find with this washer that you have a 2-year limited warranty, and 24-hour customer support, should you ever need to contact them.

3. Ivation Electric Pressure Washer

This is a whoppingly powerful motor with incredible cleaning power generated by the 1800-Watt motor, and the 2200 PSI pressure. If you need a heavy- duty washer, then this will do the job.

The washer comes with 5 interchangeable nozzles, for both high and low-pressure washes and has a turbo wand included for free.

There is a total stop system so when you stop spraying the power goes off, thus saving you energy and wear and tear on the motor. There is also an optional self-suction along with the soap dispenser.

This washer is perfect for cleaning around decks and patios, cars and RV’s, oil and rust, mildew, and grime. In fact, there are very few things that this beast will not clean.

The complete system takes under five minutes to assemble, with the instruction being clear and concise, and the 1-year warranty makes this one of the best electric pressure washers available.

4. Yard Force

The nice thing about this washer is the built-in storage compartment, where you can store all the nozzles, hoses, and power cords when you are not using it, so it is a very neat and tidy setup. The design is incredibly compact, and the folding handle means that you can store this in a small space. It is even light enough to lift onto a shelf to store out of the way.

There is an enormous 32-ounce built-in soap container, which means less stopping to refill it. You will notice there is a plug at the base of the tank to allow you to drain and rinse before changing to a different soap.

5. AR Blue Clean

The motto of the company is ‘Easy to use, Brilliant cleaning results’, and that is exactly wat you will get with this washer. This washer is designed to make outdoor cleaning easy.

The washer is environmentally friendly as it conserves water by using 80% less than most other washers. It has 45% more pressure than the average garden hose, making light work of patios and decks, driveways, and outdoor furniture.

The washer comes with the professional style pressure washer gun and the wand, 30-foot of high pressure hose, a huge 48oz soap dispenser, and four different nozzles which are easy to change.

Assembly just could not be easier, simply take the washer out of the box, connect the hose to the gun, and to the water inlet. Plug the washer in, and off you go!

For sheer simplicity and ease, this washer is one of the best electric pressure washers on the market.


There is no doubt about it that pressure washing gets things far cleaner than any other kind of washing. Finding a washer that works for you, and does the job you ask it to, will make it worth its weight in gold. We know that one of the five washers we’ve reviewed for you will be the perfect fit for all your cleaning needs.


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