Top 5 Best Electric Power Washers


Power washers come in many different sizes, from small units with short hoses, to huge machines with miles of cords! Before you buy your power washer you should have an idea of what you are going to use it for, how often you will use it, and where you will store it. Another important point to consider is your budget. Here we have reviewed the best electric power washers, so you can keep your search simple, and get on with the job at hand. You will find a power washer to suit you right here in our selection of best electric power washers.

1. Sun Joe SPX3000

The Sun Joe delivers all it says it can do, with 5 quick connect spray tips to choose from, it can tackle dirt from light to heavy duty. The motor – which is a powerful 14.5 amp/1800-watt engine – is perfectly capable of generating up to 2030 PSI, which means that you get the maximum power to clean any area you want.

The detergent tanks are onboard and easily removable. There is a total stop system in place which means that your washer automatically shuts off when you take your finger off the trigger, so saves you energy, and ensures the pump lasts as long as possible.

The unique feature of having two detergent tanks means that you can switch between soaps at the touch of a button.

The 20-foot high-pressure hose along with the 35-foot cable make this one of the best electric power washers on the market.

2. Karcher K1800

This washer has a convenient on/off foot switch for convenience. The washer comes with three different nozzles, one of them being a turbo nozzle for maximum cleaning on stubborn areas.

The wheels are oversized to ensure that the machine does not tip over when you are working. The detergent tank is easily removable, and the heavy-duty frame and metal connections mean that your machine will last for years.

For storage, nothing beats this washer. It has folding handles for compact storage, and does not take up excess space in your garage.

Setting the washer up is very easy, it can be done in five minutes, and – better still – does not need any special tools.

3. PowRyte Elite 2200PSI

This powerful washer motor generates a staggering 2200 PSI pressure, so can easily tackle heavy duty jobs.

The washer comes with 3 quick connect tips, one of them being an extra turbo nozzle with a powerful jet to remove the maximum amount of dirt.

A unique touch here is that the washer comes with a garden hose quick connector for easier connection. The handle is tall and adjustable so can be used by both short and tall people with ease.

The total stop system ensures that the washer shuts off when not used, so saves the pump life – and your energy bill.

35 feet of cord and 20 feet of high pressure hose make this a great power washer to operate, and the 2-year warranty will give you confidence in the product itself.

Overall, this is an excellent power washer, designed to do the job, no matter how hard it may be.

4. Karcher K3 Follow-Me

With large wheel sizes, the washer will not topple over as you work. The washer has an 1800 PSI rating, with quick connect nozzles.

The spray wand is a Dirtblaster, which is designed to tackle the hardest jobs you have, while you can adjust the spray with one easy movement.

The washer comes with 15-foot of high pressure hose and 35-foot of electric cord, along with an on-board detergent tank, which is easy to remove, fill or empty.

Karchner sends this washer out with their 2-year limited warranty, and we feel that this washer is well worth every penny!

5. Briggs & Stratton Electric Washer

This washer comes with an extra tough welded steel frame so is able to take any impact along the way.

With 20-foot of high pressure hose, you will find that you can reach most spots. The hose is built to last longer under high pressure, which means you replace it less often. The washer can be used to gently wash light dirt from outdoor furniture, to blasting away the ingrained dirt on patios and walls.


Although there are literally hundreds of washers on the market, we have narrowed them down to just a handful, which will do the job you need, no matter what it is. We think you will find the best electric power washer right here.


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