Top 5 Best Circular Saw


In 1813, Tabitha Babbitt invented the first circular saw after witnessing that traditional saws are causing inefficient results to some of its users, her aim was to improve the performance of cutting materials so that users will be satisfied with the results. Today, there are a lot of brands of circular saws on the market. Despite of the abundant brands and number of circular saws around the market, it is not assured that all of them work well and can give you positive results.

However, there are top 5 best circular saw that you can choose from for better cutting performance.

Dewalt DWS535 7 1/4-Inch Worm Drive Circular Saw

This circular saw is lightweight, weighing only 6.2 kilos that makes it easier for its users to carry around while doing the job, aside from that it also contains a very accessible spindle-lock that will make you change your blade faster so no work interruption will take place. A worm drive line is also available in this saw so that you will not have a hard time dealing with the proper lining and you can cut accurately, smooth cutting is also ensured by the use of this saw. You can read its full information including the price on the Amazon website.

Makita 5007MG Magnesium 7-1/1-4 Inch Circular Saw

Holding the record as the best circular saw 2017, Makita 5007MG provides extraordinary services to its users. It has a build in L.E.D light line that can make users cut accurately without having much of a hard time and because it’s made from magnesium materials, they are very lightweight which weighs only for about 10.6 lbs making it very convenient to use and perform the job easily. It also fits for large cutting needs with its cutting capacity of about -2/1-2 inches at 90 degrees and a bevel capacity (0 to 56 degrees) and also have positive stops for about 22 to 45 degrees.

Milwaukee 0730-22

This is one of the best compact circular saw because aside from it is made from very easy and accessible to use materials, it also contains a heavy duty battery which is a 28-volt lithium ion technology, an advanced technology fuel gauge that helps you check the remaining fuel of the saw and as well dual tactile grip that helps you have a better control for a more accurate cutting experience. Lastly, the saw provides you a 4,200 rpm that makes additional cutting power to ensure you that a wide part of your cutting job is done at the most convenient time.

Makita 5008MGA

Setting up a circular may sometimes take time but with Makita 5008MGA, you will not worry about wasting your time setting up anymore. This saw is made easy grip-levers as well as quick stop from 0 to 45 degrees, making you more productive with cutting. Aside from that it helps you with straighter cuts because of its 2 L.E.D lights and a dust blower, it manages your time well so you will be more focused with your cutting job rather than setting it up and making estimations for proper cuts. You can also expect a faster blade change with this saw because of its blade wrench that is securely attached to the saw, making it more convenient.

Rockwell RK3440K VersaCut

A whole new experience of cutting will be brought to you by this saw. Its slim design makes it easier to reach out those small spaces that needs some cutting, it also has a plunge-indicator for you to place the blade well that maximize efficient cutting. For only about 4 pounds of weight it is assured that you can carry it around easily making more work to be done than the usual, its blade also works intensely for easy and manageable depth of desired cut. Guides for setting up were also provided in a very detailed manner so that no confusion will take place when working with the saw.


When buying an equipment, it is always advisable to be a smart buyer and invest in something that you won’t need to replace every now and then. These saws are all made of the highest quality materials and are backed up by tremendously positive reviews. However, it is still your choice to assess and to choose the best for you that can be convenient and easy to use throughout your required tasks without requiring much time and effort.


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