5 Best Cordless Drills On The Market Today


Tools have been for centuries to make our everyday lives easier. It all started with the gretest of them all, the wheel and we haven’t stopped since. The advancements in power tools have led us to plethora of options for good cordless drills. However, we can’t be happy with just ‘good’, we need the best cordless drills.

5. Black & Decker BDCD

We have decided to give the well-known trademark the 5th spot on our entry list, as it is not as good as others, but it has its charms and it will get the job done. This is the latest addition to the Black and Decker’s family of lightweight drills that you will be able to carry anywhere with you. It is quite compact, so there isn’t any possibility that you will have to carry around a hefty and bulky drill which will make you regret the day you decided to buy it. The battery is 20 V Lithium and it has a longer life than previous models. It provides its user with precision drilling, thanks to the eleven position clutch, and drilling speed can be adjusted too. Black and Decker BDCD comes with its own kit and its color is orange. You can see if it’s a fit here: Black and Decker BDCD. Take a look at this easy to use and affordable cordless drill and see the reasons for it to be on our best cordless drills list.

4. Tacklife PCD01B

Drilling into the number four on our list is a model from a company that is not much popular around the world, but trust us when we say that it fully deserves the attention. If you are a casual about doing some work with your drill then, we believe that Tacklife PCD01B is a perfect choice for you. The manufacturer had determined that the 12 V Lion battery is able to last for 180 qt for screws and 130 qt per holes, which makes this compact drill a true wonder. You will be able to drill into wood, metal, plastic and any type of screws as there are 19 position clutch and 1 electric clutch. It is suitable for any kind of work, as you will be getting the ability to work in the dark and there is a rubber grip, so your hands will feel les numb when you are working for a long time. You can check out this cordless drill and it accessories on Tacklife PCD01B.

3. Ryobi P208 One+

The name of this electric drill sounds very Japanese and, all of us are certain that Japanese products are the ones that offer the greatest reliability and an overall high quality. One of the biggest advantages of this cordless drill is that it is really easy to operate, and you won’t need any chuck keys for it. This Ryobi drill can be used in various environments, as there is a 2 speed gearbox and 24 position clutch which means that is suitable for use both at home and at the construction site. There is a rubber grip which makes the work a lot easier and LED lights help you work at night. There is a huge bargain on this deal and one set back is that batteries are not included, but you can see if it is a drill for you here: Ryobi P208 One+.

2. Bosch DD181-

The German manufacturer which is a synonym for quality and endurance had deserved to be placed on number two on our list of best cordless drills. It does not have a design which makes ot look pretty to look at like some other drills on our list, but it has a perfect track record for a job. It is the most compact 18 Vault drill at the market, thus you will be getting a powerful cordless drill that you are able to carry with you with ease. It is a perfect choice if you are into power drilling as it provides 1350 RPM and its weight is only 3 lbs. There are 2 speed transmissions, one of them is used for harder projects while the other is used for precise and efficient drilling. LED lights will enable you to work at the darkest places and even though the real low light conditions and the bag which comes with the product increases its ease of use significantly. The color of Bosch DD181-02 is blue and to see of it will drill for you, click here: Bosch DD181-02.

1. DEWALT DC970K-2

We have reached the top our list, and it’s time for us to introduce you with the best cordless drill which was picked with great care and it did have some tough competition out there. First of all this drill comes straight out of the USA as the company which produces it DEWALT is located in Baltimore, Maryland. This is a perfect compact drill which combines strength and compactness in the broadest sense of these two features. DEWALT DC970K-2 boasts the amazing rate of 1500 RPMS, thus you are getting the best performance from the best cordless drill. It can fit anywhere that you want it to fit in as the sleeve is just half a n inch. It is quite lightweight at 4.7 lb. and it is really sturdy too. Its lightweight minimizes fatigue by a large margin. You can use the battery for 1h and 20minutes, which is a time fir for a record. We said it is powerful and we can prove it with maximum power of 380W. A lot of users trusted this cordless drill and you can see its every perk on: DEWALT DC970K-2.


It does not matter if you are a handyman or a regular tool enthusiast as we believe that you are going to find a cordless drill that is made for you. There are so many options to choose from and first of all you will need to take into consideration your budget and actual needs when you are buying a drill. You don’t want to pay a fortune for a product that you are not using at all. We hope that one of these drill is going to do the job for you.


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