Repeat a Photograph

This page provides you the tools to find, repeat, and contribute photos to AAP. Your contributions will be provided to climate science databases and will remain part of the public record in perpetuity.

Things you will need:

Before leaving home:

  1. Print Regional Photo Set: One photo per page to maintain necessary detail. Photo Sets include historic photographs, photo IDs, estimated times & dates of original photos, location descriptions, and most up to date GPS coordinates.
  2. Identify Photo Locations & Time: Our Photo Sets provide you the most up-to-date information of historic photographs. Option 1: Use Photo Set coordinates on Google Earth to familiarize yourself with the area. Option 2: Use AAP website Google Maps (below) to identify locations on your topographic maps. Option 3: Download .gpx files (below) to your GPS unit.
  3. Determine a feasible route: Know your ability, the terrain, likely dangers, and the safest way to the photo point(s).

In the field:

    • You are responsible for your own decisions and safety in the wilderness. Alpine of the Americas Project assumes no responsibility for your decisions or the hazards you may encounter en route to any photo location.
    • Have a Plan & Prepare: Check your equipment, weather, and conditions. We have included an estimated time of day for each photo as it is great to match up the shadows, so please double check the repeat photo locations & times.
    • Navigate to the photo location(s) using maps (or a GPS) and using identifiable features in the historic photo. If you are not at a photo point at the right time, don’t worry, we still really appreciate the data.
    • Plan 2-3 extra hours to identify the exact location of each photograph. Remember, repeating one or two photos could take all day.
    • Identify the exact location: The GPS and maps will get you within yards, but watch this video to learn how to get the camera exactly where the historic photo was taken.

Repeat Photography- How To from Alpine of the Americas Project on Vimeo.


  • Take the best photo possible. While exact time and place is ideal, contributing photographs that are close in time, date, and location are still useful. Moreover, this data will improve the next repeat photographers photo.
  • Make observations on Repeat Photo Data Sheet: What time and location do you estimate of the historic photograph? What flora species can you positively identify? Record the identifying traits. How deep is the snow pack? How large are the crevasses and bergschrunds? Is there evidence of fire?

On returning home:

Repeat Photograph Sets:

Mount Baker Repeat Photo Set
Mount Olympus Repeat Photo Set
NE Mount Rainier Photo Set- Emmons, Winthrop, and Carbon Glaciers
Palisade Photo Set 
High Route Photo Set
Chile & Argentina
Fitz & Perito Photo Set
San Lorenzo Repeat Photo Set
Photo Locations
AAP Photo Locations
Sierra Nevada Photo Locations 
Download a .gpx file of current Sierra Nevada Repeats, right click and “save as”.
We are constantly adding new photos to our webpage so you can repeat photographs on your own or on one of our Custom Trpis. If you do not find photos available in your region online, please contact us. We may have photos available for you in our database.


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