Historic photographs are among the oldest objective observations we have of alpine regions. Like the arctic, these areas are changing rapidly in response to climate change. By repeating historic photographs we are able to observe how our local watersheds are changing in response to climate change.

Alpine of the Americas Project provides you the tools to have first hand experiences with changing watersheds, make useful observations of these places, and share these experiences with communities and climate science databases.

Repeat Historic Photographs

Be the first to repeat one of hundreds of historic photographs we have in our database. Go to “Repeat a Photograph” to find resources and learn how you can contribute repeat historic photographs to climate science databases.


Adult & School Custom Trips

Our custom trips give you the opportunity to have a guided experience to repeat historic photographs in California’s Sierra Nevada. Use this opportunity to explore your watershed, document climate disruption, and begin to make positive impact with us today.

Are you a scientist? Are you looking for ways to collect data in remote alpine areas in the Americas?  Could you use observations that are simple and repeatable?  Contact us. We’re eager to understand your needs and how our participants can be useful for your research.

Support our future! We are expanding our reach to citizens who are witnessing and recording how local watersheds are changing in response to climate change. Without using words, AAP communicates how mountains provide people with water. We record the changing alpine landscapes, including glaciers, for future generations. Moreover, we allow individuals to make useful contributions to climate science while having real experiences with the wilderness. We believe in making valuable impact today. Please take action today and donate now.