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Collaborating Climate Scientists

Eric Berlow, Ecologist at USGS Wawona Station
Sarah Stock, Yosemite National Park Ornithologist & Biologist
Connie Millar, Research Paleoecologist with the U.S. Forest Service. Scientists like Connie Millar, Paleoecologist from the USFS, use photographs to assess the retreat of snowfields, the subsequent encroachment of vegetation, or analyze tree cover density and fluctuations in tree line. She has observed very dynamic changes in the alpine, year to year. Snowfields and glaciers are some of the most rapidly changing physical features in alpine and arctic regions.

Photograph Databases

We scour the following national online archives to reach into the past for useful historic photographs. To help us know which communities are most interested, please search for and share useful photos in your local mountains.

Glaciers of the American West
USGS Photo Archive
Clarence King Survey
National Snow and Ice Data Archive
National Park Service Historic Photograph Collection


Hidden Villa Summer Camp-We’re working with Hidden Villa Summer Camp to bring 11 high school students into the Yosemite wilderness to expose them to a deeper sense of wilderness. On this journey they will learn more about how San Francisco intimately depends on Yosemite’s watershed and they will experience first hand and document how Lyell Glacier is changing in response to climate change.

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