Lyell & Maclure Glaciers

Lyell Canyon

This 3-4 day backpack in Lyell Canyon provides access to Yosemite’s largest mountains and glaciers. This region is quite a treat for those willing to hike up the canyon and then make the climb to the alpine.

Given the long approach to the base of Mt. Lyell, it is important to take one of two strategies. We encourage weekend enthusiasts to be in great shape for a several mile hikes while gaining considerable elevation with loaded backpacks. For those less inclined to suffering, we would recommend that this endeavor be broken up into 4-5 days. This tactic allows for enjoyable side trips and the opportunity to take in the all the alpine ridges have to offer.

Approach: Approached from Tuolumne Meadows, this long, but easy trail leads to the base of Mt Lyell and Mt Maclure. For most people, this will be be an overnight affair, the trail is 7 miles one way with most of the elevation gain at the end of the hike.


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Guided Duration Flat Rate Per Person 
3-day Backpack $2,100 $570
1-week Backpack $3,200 $3430

Please call “Ned” at (319) 321-4356 or email for details.

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