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Alpine of the Americas Project (AAP) is a pioneer in crowd sourcing citizen science photographs for climate science observations. Our custom backcountry trips, for student or adult groups, offer guided mountain experiences, first hand glacier observations, and lessons in California’s Sierra Nevada unique biodiversity. You become a citizen scientist by repeating historic photographs to capture environmental changes and contributing this useful data to climate science databases.



For generations California’s Sierra Nevada has served as a destination for alpine explorers. For a period, John Muir’s travels through the Sierra were focused on the story he found told in the boulders and bedrock near Yosemite’s Mt Clark. That story became the basis of what we know today as glacial erosion.

Today the Mt Clark glacier no longer exists. We are now witnessing the last of these glaciers disappear from Yosemite National Park. In this unending change, we have the opportunity to visually capture this last chapter of glaciers for future generations.

For Adults

AAP designs custom trips to deepen your knowledge of mountain ecosystems, contribute useful documentation of local climate disruption, while increasing your skills in backpacking, mountaineering, and photography. We guide you, your family, or group of friends to California’s largest glaciers, remote alpine meadows, and facilitate appropriate mountain challenges for your group’s skill set. Whether you’re looking for a weekend getaway or a week-long sojourn, we’ll plan your climate science getaway.  Become a citizen scientist with AAP, while hiking historic trails, eating local food, and relaxing your mind in John Muir’s “Mountains of Light.”

Our professional guides are outstanding naturalists in their field, skilled photographers, and are wilderness medicine professionals. Their passion for mountains is present in all that they do, including providing you the highest quality local food from Mountain Meadow Farms. Whether it is a day hike without distractions or a week long challenging mountain peak experience, we’ll make it happen for you and your group.

Design your Custom Trip
Conness & Northpeak Glaciers
Dana Glacier
Lyell Glacier
Palisades Glacier
Guided Duration Flat Rate Per Person 
Single Day $150 $120
Weekend Camping Trip $500 $630
3-day Backpack $2,100 $570
1-week Backpack $3,200 $3430
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For Students

By starting with survival in the mountains, we work with our students to develop their comfort in the wilderness. We teach them about temperature regulation by taking care of our own physiology. We ensure students have the tools to become resilient through wilderness skill training, such as orienteering and cooking. With this foundation we begin to explore the landscapes and the science woven into natural world around them.

The AAP curriculum focuses on building an effective backcountry team composed of ambitious, intentional individuals. The group succeeds when everyone is comfortable trekking in the wilderness and summiting peaks together. We ask our students, “How can you build on these successes at home?” We encourage students to envision their “future team,” or professional network to put their future goals in context. We conclude by asking them to develop a socially responsible plan based on where social problems, personal skills, and passions intersect.

When your students return, they will be more confident, self-reliant, knowledgeable and even skilled in the natural world. Most importantly, they will be prepared for the real world. AAP does more than teach and do science. We provide the experiences that develop critical thought and interpersonal collaboration, which is the foundation for achieving our most ambitious goals.

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