Conness & Northpeak Glaciers

The Conness and Northpeak glaciers, on the eastern crest of Yosemite, are a few of the remaining glaciers that once carved the Sierra Nevada granites smooth. Over 3-days and 2-nights from Saddlebag Lakes Campground, our certified instructors will facilitate day hikes in the wilderness, provide alpine speak experiences, give you the space for personal reflection, cook you delicious local food, while you camp under the stars.


USGS Photographic Library

On our overnight excursions, we’ll examine retreating glaciers and snowfields by repeating historic photographs from the USGS Archive. This artistic and useful excursion will be utilized by Glaciers of the America West and CalPhoto for current and future climate research. This experience will help our group explore our deep connections to California’s magnificent Sierra Nevada mountain range and its dynamic processes.

Alpine of the Americas Project (AAP) will challenge you on many levels, inspire you to your core, and leave you with a stronger sense of self and purpose.  Our team will negotiate safe mountain travel, invite professionals discuss effective and responsible leadership, and help each individual identify where they can be most responsible and effective in their personal and professional lives.

AAP invites you to join us in breathtaking wilderness, taking useful observations for climate science, and discussing our roles to create positive change at home.

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Weekend Camping Trip $500 $630
3-day Backpack $2,100 $570

Please call “Ned” at (319) 321-4356 or email for details.

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