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Learning, the first step

The last few weeks has been an incredible adventure in …website design.  The web is entrenched with seriously difficult terrain.  I have never felt so lost, yet certain that I had arrived, precisely where I began. There’s still many horizons over the edge, which I have crossed, several times.  Yet persistence leads to epiphanies and I’m happy to say we are finally ready to launch the website officially!

We have made and are making more contacts with scientists in the Sierras and Patagonia.  This has broken ground with determining specific indicator species in the Sierra and methods.  We hope to calculate population abundance and plotting these along our transect profile.  We have to do some research before settling with a particular abundance count method.  The final observations will be conveyed through GoogleMaps, by meshing abundance data with our time stamped GPS.  You’ll find this, photos, and other data in our Trip Reports Page.

Soon we will aquire most of our essential equipment.  Jon is steadily improving his camera skills and aquiring a new appreciation for HD movie making.  We still need to buy detailed maps on certain sections, and general maps for South America.  We have not yet indentified useful South American indicator species. One big  unknown will be finding historic photos to repeat in South America.  Does anyone have any ideas??

Well, summer has FINALLY hit Yosemite.  So Jon and I can be found here, or on the vertical stone.  Thanks!

The inspiration

To me, there is nothing more invigorating than flowing across a remote mountain ridge, using all of my strength to propel me forwards and up, up in to the alpine.  Unconsciously coordinating all of my senses to gauge every rock that supports my steps.  Intuitively balancing the rhythm between my heart, my breath, and the movement of my body consuming the elements.  It is deep, primal meditation.  At midday, when the day is hottest and I find myself gazing back along my enduring path, that very few will ever travel, on a mountain top rising above the land, knowing the hardest of the work is over, with miles of valleys below that I must mindfully negotiate in order to return home safely, I feel fully accomplished.  However, if I could make these journeys meaningful and useful to others, than this to me, would encapsulate completeness.

-Edgardo LeBlond

the project begins


My first foray into film making and editing, and I finally figured out how to make it play in HD if you want too. Please give me feedback as I’m trying to learn as much as I can! Shot on a Nikon D300s with a Tokina 12-24mm lens.
Music: First Snow by Emancipator ~