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We have been guiding wilderness trips and teaching natural sciences for over a decade. Our expertise draws from guiding in the Cascades, Sierra Nevada, the deserts of Colorado, and along Montana’s Continental Divide. Driven by our sense of adventure, and thirst for simplicity, we met guiding for Outward Bound California. Continuing to follow our dedication to live for future generations, we envisioned Alpine of the Americas Project while working for NatureBridge in Yosemite. After proving our concept in the Sierra Nevada and the Andes, we founded Alpine of the Americas Project in 2013.
Edgardo LeBlond
Custom Trips Director
I was born and raised in Livingston, MT where the Yellowstone River pours out of the Rockies and carves away at the plains.  As soon as I could walk, my dad had me skiing Bridger Bowl and fly fishing for trout right out of my back yard. With a passion to understand fundamentals, I earned my Physics degree from the University of Puget Sound. During those formative years, I also sought real challenges mountaineering and rock climbing in the Cascades and Olympics. After a decades as a naturalist, educator, and guide, I came to intimately know the the Pacific Northwest, California’s Sierra Nevada, including Yosemite’s grand Big Walls, the desert southwest, and Montana’s great wildernesses. Now, as Co-Founder of Alpine of the Americas Project, I apply my MBA in Sustainable Management to ensure climate resilience through engaging individuals to participate in climate science and make proactive choices at home.

Jonathan ByersJonathan-Byers

I have been exploring the outdoors since my first backpacking trips with my family to Canyonlands National Park when I was four years old. My formal background is in biology, ecology, and geology but my passion lies in sharing the beauty I see in the natural world with other people. I am excited about the personal learning this project involves whether it is learning about glaciers, how to tell stories through video,  studying Spanish, or figuring out how to inspire other people to follow our footsteps and contribute their experience to our understanding of alpine climate change.

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