Alpine of the Americas Project  – Ascending into 2014

Ascending into 2014

Connecting Mountains, Water, and People

Dear AAP Friends & family,

    We are reaching out to you because we’ve worked with, talked about, or expressed interest in crowd-sourced alpine observations.  2013 has been a momentous year for Alpine of the Americas Project.  This year we have:

~ Become an official non-profit organization

~Drawn national news attention to the effects of climate change on vital local resources

~Built national and international partnerships to repeat over 100 photographs for scientific research

~Developed a catalog of over 400 historic photos in 5 countries for individuals to repeat and take home their personal alpine observations

Click here to make a donation to support local and personal participation in climate research

You are part of a trusted community we depend on to succeed.  We believe in the value of sharing these observations to continue communicating how mountains provide vital resources for people.

Tell your friends!  We are in the early steps of seeking support for this work and every connection and donation makes a difference. Please send this email along to other people who you think might be interested in participating or supporting this project!

Please support us by making a donation today! Whether it is $25, $100, or $1000 your tax-deductible donation to Alpine of the Americas makes a real difference for finding historic photos and locations, leveraging the capacity of our citizen-scientist volunteers, and communicating dramatic environmental changes to the public though repeating historic photos!

Thank you for your generosity and support!

Jonathan Byers and Edgardo LeBlond
       Alpine of the Americas Project Founders

Repeat a Photo!

Repeat a Photograph on your next adventure. Your contribution is valuable research and public outreach. Want a guide? A Custom Trip is your opportunity for a Sierra getaway with professional naturalists and educators.
Read our feature article from the Austral Summer 2013 issue of the Patagon Journal.
Your support makes this project possible and every drop makes a difference.

AAP in the Media

Repeat photographs are a powerful tool in showing the effects of climate change on alpine environments and the water resources we depend on. See our feature on theCBS Evening News.

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