AAP in the Patagon Journal

Patagonia in Time / Patagonia en el Tiempo
This article appeared in the 2013 Austral Summer issue of the Patagon Journal.
Read it at http://www.patagonjournal.com/images/byers.pdf

When we look out at the grand landscapes of
Patagonia it is hard to imagine them changing.
From the massive rumbling glaciers of
Mount Tronador, to the clean granite spires
of the Fitz Roy range, to the steep peaks and clear blue
lakes of Torres del Paine, these landscapes seem timeless./Cuando observamos las grandiosas vistas de
la Patagonia es difícil imaginar que cambian.
Desde los masivos y estruendosos glaciares
del Monte Tronador y las limpias agujas de
granito del cordón del Fitz Roy, hasta los escarpados
picos y los claros lagos azules de Torre del Paine, estos
parajes parecen eternos.

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