On the Precipice

Close your eyes.  Imagine what it might feel like to be standing on a high ridge of windswept granite surrounded by a vast sea of rugged peaks and deep shadowed valleys.  Alpine lakes glimmer in every direction and patches of white snow fill in the shadowed areas between the light grey granite.  How do you even begin getting to a place like this?  What does it take?

For us it has taken months of planning, countless hours pouring over maps, talking with scientists, researching, testing gear, organizing food, and countless other details.  Yet today, we head out on trail.  The mountains are snowy, the conditions are challenging for alpine travel, but we feel confident and have our gear and food organized.  Twenty six days from now we will have completed this first expedition and will be returning with photos, data, and experience.

Our itinerary:

July 19 – 24 : Mineral King to Roads End in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks

July 24 – 31 : Mineral King to Palisades

August 1 – 8 : Palisades to Evolution Basin

August 8 – 12 : Evolution Basin to Reds Meadow

August 13-15 : Reds Meadow to Tuolumne Meadows

We are excited for the mountains and journey ahead and will be sharing our experiences when we return.

Be well.

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