Alpine of the Americas Project (AAP) gives individuals the tools to capture simple and useful repeat photographs for climate science databases. With your passion to make a positive impact, we have recorded over 100 useful historic repeat photos in in North and South America.

Repeat Historic Photographs

Be the first to repeat one of hundreds of historic photographs we have in our database. Go to “Repeat a Photograph” to find resources and learn how you can contribute repeat historic photographs to climate science databases.

Custom Trips

Our custom trips give you the opportunity to have a guided experience to repeat historic photographs in California’s Sierra Nevada. Use this opportunity to explore your watershed, document climate disruption, and make a positive impact today.

In the Media

Patagon Journal 2012-13 Verano

CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley, June 28,2013

NPR’s KCRW in LA: Joe Rosenburg “Tracking climate change through glaciers- one photograph at a time,” September 17, 2013

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